A guide to increasing the life of your Brazilian hair bundles

A guide to increasing the life of your Brazilian hair bundles

Human hair in the form of wigs weaves, or extension is very costly. The hair takes longer to source and consumes so much time during construction hence the high price. Proper maintenance of this hair is vital if you want it to serve you longer and be in great condition. The Brazilian hair bundles are common in the market and their nice texture, feel appearance, and quality makes them lovable. This article outlines the ways of making your Brazilian hair bundles last longer.

Brazilian hair bundles life extension

The following are ways to protect your hair bundles to make them serve you longer and maximize their benefits.

1.      Have the Brazilian hair bundles installed correctly

A poor application can damage the Brazilian weave tracks and weft. Use a hair expert if you have no clue about the process or use a guide to direct you. Proper installation is done by sewing through your natural hair but below and over the bundle weft. Taking the thread through it facilitates thinning since the weft is quite delicate. The weave tips are essential as they prevent the shedding of hair. Avoid cutting them to keep the weave in place. For any excess track, apply a sealant, then proceed to cut.

2.      Style only when necessary

Styled hair is every woman's happiness and confidence booster. However, constant styling by subjecting the hair to heat tends to damage the strands. Excessive heat causes hair dryness and weak strands, which end up breaking and reducing the bundle volume. If you must style the Brazilian hair bundles, look for ways that don't involve heat. Some examples include the use of hair rollers which you apply and leave overnight to create curls. Failing to style regularly allows the hair to retain moisture and avoid fading, which is enhanced by heat.

3.      Avoid regular bleaching of the Brazilian hair bundles

In addition to bleaching, regular coloring is not recommended. You can perform these processes on pure Brazilian hair bundles; however, in between breaks are important to give the hair time to rejuvenate. Also, the chemicals used make the strands weak, and with time, the hair becomes dull and dry. A hairstylist is best at coloring or bleaching your bundles as the chemical proportions used are correct. Always moisturize the hair after any of these processes since the chemicals suck all the moisture out.

4.   Develop a maintenance routine for your hair bundles

A proper care routine should involve combing, washing, deep conditioning, drying, and styling if need be. Combing helps detangle the hair, while washing helps remove dirt and oils, which clog the roots and mattify the strands. Condition the hair well to keep it moist and avoid too much heat when styling. Cover the hair while sleeping to keep it intact and prevent the breakage of strands due to friction.


Use the guide above to protect your Brazilian hair bundles and enhance their lifespan.  Stick to a care routine such that on no occasion will the hair appear damaged. Moisturized often and avoid excessive heating, coloring, and bleaching, which dry out the hair. You save money by doing this, and your bundles last a long time before buying others.