How To Care For Feather And Down Alternative Pillow Inserts

How To Care For Feather And Down Alternative Pillow Inserts

A pillow is an essential part of your bed. Using a pillow when you sleep will help you get a comfortable night’s rest. However, using a pillow may also hurt you by causing back and neck pains. This is only the case if you do pick the wrong type of pillow. Choosing the right pillow starts by selecting the right pillow shape and material, including the bulk pillow inserts. Additionally, properly caring for your pillows may help you enjoy their benefits for longer. This post discusses the care for pillow inserts.

Care and maintenance for various pillow inserts

Below are a few of the most common pillow inserts and tips for caring and maintaining each;

a. Care and maintenance for feather pillow inserts

You can care for your feather pillow inserts by ensuring that the pillows are correctly stored. Ensure not to store the pillows in an area where they are compressed, especially if they will be there for a while. This way, they can maintain their shape.

You can also care for your feather pillow inserts by cleaning them properly. Keeping feather pillows clean is relatively easy. When washing pillows with feather inserts, you need not worry a lot about the technique. You can throw your pillow into your washing machine and wash using a cycle with cold water. This will prevent shrinkage of the outer fabric and maintain the integrity of the feather inserts.

You can also care for your pillow with feather inserts by avoiding fabric softeners. These products can decrease the fluffiness of the feathers. Note that proper maintenance and care for feather pillow inserts will help maintain their usefulness for longer.

b. Care and maintenance for pillows with down alternative inserts

You can care for your pillows with down alternative inserts by washing them correctly. You can wash the pillows in your washing machine in a delicate or gentle cycle. In the process, you must avoid using harsh detergents and set the washing machine to two rinse cycles. This is important as it helps remove all the detergent from the down alternative inserts. Note that the detergent could cause stiffness and wear and tear on the pillows.

You can also care for your pillows with down alternatives by ensuring that they are not exposed to a lot of heat. The heat can shrink the pillow inserts. Therefore, when storing the pillows, you must ensure that they are kept in a well-aerated place.

Types of pillow inserts

In addition to the inserts listed above, there are several other forms of pillow inserts;

  • Wool
  • Synthetic
  • Shredded and full inserts


It is worth mentioning that practicing proper care and following care and maintenance instructions to the fullest will ensure your pillows’ optimal use and longevity. Therefore, one of the vital things you must do is read the care instructions from the manufacturer or research the best care tips. It would also help to understand that the care and maintenance tips may differ depending on the pillow materials, shape, and type.