Steps To Follow When You Style Your Wig

Steps To Follow When You Style Your Wig

Getting the right wig is just the start of looking good. You need to figure out how you will style it, so it looks good on you. The body wave wig looks good on you and bad on another person because of how they have styled it. Once you style your wig, it will look good on you and make a statement. Here are the main pointers on what you need to do when you are styling it.

1. Comb it through

Before you get to style your wig, ensure you comb it through. It will get rid of any entangles in the hair, which will make it easier to style. Even though all wigs claim to be tangle-free, they will get entangled at one point or another. Combing it through ensures that does not happen. As you comb through your hair, ensure you also oil it. By doing that, your wig’s natural appearance will be realized, and you can be sure that it will look good on you. There are various wig products in the market, so check them out and pick what works for you.

2. Settle on a style

Settling on a style will ensure that you know what you will do and will not waste time going through your wig or weave each time. The style you choose will be based on the type of wig you have and how realistic it is. If the wig is visible from the back of the head, then you might not be able to do entire up does. Figure out which style suits your wig the best before you get started on it. The other good thing with settling on a style is you get to look up how it is done and know whether you have the right accessories and skills to pull it off. You often want to do a certain hairstyle only to realize that it is not as good as you had initially envisioned it. Other times you notice that you might need extra help to pull it off. All this will be taken care of if you research the said hairstyle.

3. Put on the wig and style it

Once you have decided on the style you will make, wear your wig. Since different wigs are worn differently, follow the right procedure to ensure that your wig stays on your head. It is easier to style the wig after wearing it since the style will stay. While it might not do any damage to your edges, it makes sense to be gentle with the wig lest you pull on a few stitches. Do not use heat on the wig if it is natural or good synthetic hair. Style it up, and then see how it looks on you. If you are starting, a simple hairstyle will do. You can use the accessories to ensure everything is in place.


The style you choose when wearing your wig needs to be well executed. Take your time and look at the variations online before you settle on a style that will look good on you and is easily executed.