Useful Tips To Maintain Your Giraffe Tools Pressure Washer

Useful Tips To Maintain Your Giraffe Tools Pressure Washer

Did you recently purchase a Giraffe Tools pressure washer and want to avoid any potential problems? Fortunately, you've come to the right place. Below are all the precautions you can take to maintain your equipment.

Preparation for Maintaining Pressure Water 

Pressure washers demand different levels of upkeep, with gasoline-powered equipment requiring more than electric washers. And if you want to maintain your pressure washer functioning at its optimum, consult the owner's handbook for scheduled maintenance and thorough instructions. But in any case, always try implementing your machine's security and servicing instructions.

Steps to Take Before Operating Your Pressure Washer

Checking the Level of the Fluid

If your giraffe tools pressure washer runs on gasoline, it is essential to check the level of the fluid and oils. Overfilling only leads to more problems.

Thoroughly Examining the Residue Filters

Before anything else, test the water input screens. You can find these where the garden hose is connected. Wash the filter with water if it is filthy. But if it's defective, you'll have to replace it. Other than that, you can check the inner filter in the hose extension of your pressure washer to make sure there's no blockage. If you see any evident damage, you may cleanse it with water or change it.

Inspecting the Spray Gun And Hose

First of all, assess the nozzles or spraying tip, as well as the spray gun and hose extensions. Ensure that all of the attachments, particularly the ones with the high-pressure hose, are firm. Moreover, you may also check the spray gun's triggers and safety. And if it isn't working appropriately, you can change and reinstall this spray gun. Inspect for breaks, leakage, bulges, or other damages on the high-pressure line, as well as the hose connections. So if there is a defect in the water hose, replace it according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Looking At the Detergent Unit

If the detergent draining tube gets blocked, make sure you empty it. And if there is a filter present on the washing unit, give that a look as well. It's better than finding a problem while you're in the middle of a cleaning task.

Steps to Take After Using Your Pressure Washer

Careful Cleaning of the Detergent Unit  

After using the equipment, you can't leave any leftover detergent in the washing unit. So all you need to do is cleanse the chemicals in the pressure washer with water. Firstly, switch your cleaning spray to low pressure. After that, disconnect the drainage tube from the detergent source and let the water run through your equipment for a few minutes.

Give It a Rest

After turning off the machine, you  must keep it away from the direction of other people and your belongings. Once the water stops flowing, switch on the trigger lock and give a rest to your pressure washer. You also have to disconnect all the attachments and drain each one. And last but not least, make sure to take off any leftover debris on your equipment.

Final Thoughts

Now that you  know what to do before and after using your Giraffe Tools pressure washer, clean everything right!